Saturday, January 1, 2022

18 Predictions for 2022

“Do not call conspiracy
    everything this people calls a conspiracy;
do not fear what they fear,
    and do not dread it.
 The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy,
    he is the one you are to fear,
    he is the one you are to dread."

(Isaiah 8:12-13) 

Happy New Year. There is not a huge amount to look forward to, I'm sorry to say. 

We are still in a grim situation with covidianism tyrannising our societies and Church. A common cold is still the excuse for dehumanising mask-wearing, draconian house-arrest, arbitrary rule, superstitious testing, remorseless propaganda, wall-to-wall censorship, and a relentless series of vaccines (mandatory or coercive). 

I predict that in 2022...

1). Another lockdown (possibly more than one) in the UK

2). Austrians, and possibly Germans and Australians, to start arresting, fining, and jailing unvaccinated people

3). Vaccine Passports in the UK to be extended to many more areas of life

4). A prominent world politician or leader will be assassinated over covidian policy

5). Pope Francis will try to make being unvaccinated a sin

6). There will be at least two more vaccine 'doses' pushed onto society in the UK, bringing the total to five doses.

7). Unvaccinated people will continue to lose their jobs in a variety of sectors

8). The governments will be trying ever more forcefully to scapegoat unvaccinated people for non-existent problems to turn the vaccinated against them - expect attacks, pogroms

9). There will be obvious encroachment of digital IDs, an end to cash, social credit apps, and other tyrannical measures

10). Climatism will be enforced ever more stringently, as a compulsory ideology and practice in society

11). Globalists and antichrists will be coming to the fore in unprecedented ways 

12). Censorship and free-speech will be dealt severe blows as the governments take-down or infiltrate resistance websites

13). Russia will invade and occupy Ukraine. The West will do nothing. Poland is next. 

14). Expect guerrilla warfare and insurgency over covidianism in Australia, Austria, France

15). Expect a resurgence of Islamic militancy, possibly terrorism, in 'the West'.

16). Civil war will be brewing in the USA, as covidians/Democrats and resistance/Republicans form sides, and Biden may be ousted

17). Japan to begin forming an international resistance coalition against covidianism

18). Pope Francis may be unmasked, shall we shall

I do hope I am wrong about all this, but would be surprised if most of these things did not in fact take place. 

If the number 666 means anything, the Church should know what it is. In lieu of the Church ever talking about it, watch out for 6 June 2022. (I'm not saying this means anything - it's just a bit of light-hearted banter!)

I do now believe that we are probably in the foothills of the End Times, with monumentally dark forces mustering against truth and justice. However, I am confident that God will prevail, and that the faithful have nothing to fear, as long as they do what is right. 

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." 

(Romans 15:13)

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Covidia Delenda Est: Anarcho-Bonapartism Reloaded

Covidianism must be destroyed!

This covidian situation is heading for global civil war. The tyrants want to impose total control over bodies, minds, and souls. They are demonic. They must be destroyed. 

Yet God always ordains leaders for his people. I am not just talking about Biblical heroes: Moses, Joshua, David. I am not just talking about Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. I am talking about 'ordinary' folk, who will lead this revolt against tyranny. 

Who is standing up at the moment to be counted? Who is giving voice to the people's cries? Who can lead us, and if needs be, lead our armies against this absolute madness? 

The DICTATOR is a concept of the Roman Republic (not Empire). It means than one man takes absolute charge in times of chaos and peril to restore order and justice. He only takes power for six months, then lays it down and retires. This is what must now occur, and this is what will occur. The leader must be just and credible, a servant leader. Not a tyrant. 

Here are a few leaders of note, past and present: 

     Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

     He has abolished covidianism in Florida, and is a fine man who understands the times we are in. 

    Riccardo Bosi, ex-SAS Colonel, and Resistance Leader in Australia

    A straight-talking man who would command legions of rebels. 

    Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland (1629-1696)

   Conqueror of invading Swedes, Turks, and Tartars. He saved Western Civilisation by relieving the         Ottoman Siege of Vienna in 1683. 

   Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
   As we descend into anarchy and chaos, God will ordain chosen men to lead the fight for truth and           justice. They will annihilate our enemies. A good model is Napoleon, who crushed the excesses of         'democracy'  and gave a firm hand to governance, while chastening the absolute monarch hypocrites.     He was also a brilliant military leader, and bloody stylish to boot!

    Tadeusz Kosciuszko (1746-1817)

He was a Polish-Lithuanian military engineer, statesman, and military leader who became a national hero in PolandLithuaniaBelarus, and the United States. He fought in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth's struggles against Russia and Prussia, and on the US side in the American Revolutionary War. As Supreme Commander of the Polish National Armed Forces, he led the 1794 KoĹ›ciuszko Uprising.

Anarcho-Bonapartism is a political system I invented in 2012 on my Christian Existentialist Medley blog: 

Defining Anarcho-Bonapartism

"Democracy leads to Anarchy, thence to Tyranny" - Plato

"Freedom can only exist as a part of law" - Lt. Col. Lawrence Joshua Chamberlain [in the film 'Gettysburg']

[The following is pure fantasy composed of equal parts irony and sarcasm]

1. If dictatorships worked, they would be better than democracy.

2. Bonapartism (counter-revolutionary dictatorship which consolidates the gains of the revolution) works.

3. Bonapartism is better than democracy.

Anarcho-Bonapartism sanctions a two-stage revolution against democracy. First, the revolutionary-anarchist phase. Once this runs its course, a great leader (caudillo) emerges - sporting aesthetically powerful uniform, for example:



Loved by the masses, the leader "seizes" (is elected by acclamation to) absolute power over the state, while incorporating all improvements to state and society (judged along "neo-reactionary" (true) lines). 

Anarcho-Bonapartism envisages a society of struggle, overthrowing unjust systems of power (including oligarchic democrisy) and capital by peaceful means of resistance, followed by the shocking embrace of a reloaded (elected) benevolent dictatorship. There is a dialectical and communicative relationship between the anarchist self-organised masses and their caudillo.

Some Practices of an Ideal Anarcho-Bonapartist State:

1. All are entitled to wear the "Citizen's Greatcoat" - a symbol of struggle and victory which varies in colour, accoutrements, epaulettes, and insignia (dependent on rank, status, guild, education, etc.).

2. All classes abolished but people encouraged to wear uniforms, to promote pride and productivity. 

3. Decentralisation of the state into anarchic self-organised territorial communities answerable to their constituents and the caudillo; senate of 500 - half elected by plebs, half appointed by caudillo; 2 consuls and 7 tribunes of the people mediate between caudillo and the citizenry.

4. Refeudalization: dictator bestows ranks and titles. Hierarchy articulates existing inequalities in order to sanction their downfall in praxis: an open public sphere fusing post-democratic participation and a neo-feudalist aesthetic post-fascism.

5. Direct-democracy plebiscites replace democratic elections.

6. Reintroduction of the triumph, pageants, festivals, carnivals.

7. Church put in charge of public morals. 

Seize the day - work for the return of a messianic Bonaparte now!

While being tongue-in-cheek, it looks like I was being a bit prophetic after all! 

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle,
Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the enemy,
May God rebuke him we humbly pray,
And do though O Prince of the heavenly host,
Cast down into Hell, Satan and all wicked spirits who 
Prowl through the world for the ruin of souls

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Dealing with Fear

So it looks like another round of oppression is sweeping England right now. Vaccine Passports have been voted in, despite 103 Conservatives voting against (where have they been for the past two years?)
At work more and more people are being harrassed about not wearing masks, with employers soon enough venturing to extract information about vaccine status. By law, this information is private and does not have to be shared. 

As all staff in the NHS become liable for mandatory vaccines, many people will be forced to lose their jobs rather than take a vaccine against their will. Mandatory vaccines will probably be extended to all jobs soon enough. Then it will be time for compulsory vaccines, with those resisting not only losing all rights but also being rounded up for injections against their will. 

In short, we are in a very troubling situation right now. The new 'Omicron variant' is nothing more than an excuse for the governments to compel greater and greater obedience from the general public, for the loss of freedoms, dignity, and human rights. This new variant is nothing less than a scam, with even the gov scientists claiming it is LESS severe than the last one. (Lockdown and passports, oppression and tyranny loom ever larger, though.)

So what can we do about this situation?

St. Padre Pio the stigmatic, said: 'Pray, hope, and don't worry'. 

Here are a few more encouraging words from the Bible:

"This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us." (1 John 4:17-19)

The Gospel states that obedience to authority (the State) means we can live without fear, because we are just and obeying legitimate authority. But what if this authority is unjust - in short, a tyranny? God also wants us to justly oppose injustice and oppression: by resisting the encroachments of tyranny as found in covidianism, we are displaying courage which comes from grace. This courage and resistance was shown by many biblical figures, notably those who preferred to die rather than submit to injustice. 

God's providence orders our lives: by trust in God, we have nothing to fear, because we are given grace, while our guardian angels watch over us. By accepting God's will for our lives, we are freed to do good, and avoid evil. Fear comes from a lack of faith, but being afraid when coerced, punished, or controlled by an unjust Authority, is no sin. Terror and fear are spread by the evil to exact obedience and submission to evil. We must be courageous and detached, hopeful and resolute in our ways. God protects the humble and lowly. He sees all things, and will bring justice. 

It is also apparent that the current situation is a reflection of divine punishment for a fallen world. Sin must be corrected. Those who repent and do their best have nothing to fear, but those who refuse to repent and oppress others will reap a whirlwind. Man believes science, money, pleasure, and power can order and solve all problems. This is strong delusion, and God will use man's own falsehood against man. As we watch, let us pray on, and hope for the return of the Lord. 


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Masks for Monkeys

For almost two years the State around the world has 'required' people to wear paper masks to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. 

'Covid Marshals' or Police or other agencies are deployed to enforce the rules, patrolling and fining, even arresting the non-compliant. In some countries, the 'requirement' is enforced only outside. In others, it is enforced only inside. In yet others, both inside and outside. In a few even in private homes. In the UK one can claim an 'exemption' by declaring oneself 'exempt', but in most other nations the dictat of 'face coverings' has become an absolute of the Covidian Narrative. This is a dreadful tyranny damaging our public, private, and ecclesial life, and no mistake. And all for nothing: the masks are futile, dangerous, and insane. 

According to the 'Powers', you simply 'have to' wear a mask... until you resist and YOU DECIDE TO REFUSE TO WEAR ONE! This is the only way out of any dictatorship!

Why you should not wear a mask: 

1). Masks deprive you of liberty and independence. A dog is muzzled to tame and control it. The public are tamed and controlled by masks. Obeying, you give up your liberty of action and thought to another authority: the state? the local mayor? the corporations? Big Pharma? the world cabal? Do not lose your liberty in pursuit of security: dare to be free of useless, tyrannical, impositions. 

2). Masks do nothing to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. They are made of flimsy materials which are readily pervaded by virus molecules. There is no evidence that the constant societal wearing of masks has influenced any fluctuation in the virus for good or ill. There are so many ways and combinations of context for mask wearing that there is little uniformity anyway. If masks work: why are we still in a 'pandemic'?

3). Masks are unnecessary. You believe you are safe from Covid by wearing a mask, but you are deluded. Covid is no risk at all! Did you ever wear a mask to avoid a flu in earlier times? So why do so now?

4). Masks do not suffocate the wearer precisely because they have gaps in their sides: the gaps allow air in, and air out. Thus they are worn for hours on end. You are involved in a pantomime every time you pretend to feel 'safe'. 

5). Masks are paranoid. Who would have believed that people would be so gullible as to permanently wear masks to prevent an illness that cannot be prevented, or kill 99.98% of people infected?

6). Masks are oppressive. The State has no business forcing anyone to wear a mask! If that isn't obvious, you are already brainwashed and benighted. 

7). Masks are bad for your health. Germs spread on masks. Masks prevent breathing, and cause headaches and many other ailments. God made us without masks, they are dangerous and unnatural. 

8). Masks suppress communication. Nobody can hear a mask-wearer speak. Their voice, already muffled by government dictats, is physically lessened by the mask itself. It is symbolic and literal crushing of dissent. 

9). Masks errode human interaction. Constantly wearing masks means we cannot read one another's expressions anymore. There is paranoia and isolation as a result. Covering the face errodes communication between adults, and stunts the development of children. 

10). Masks are a sign of compliance at any cost. Instead of thinking rationally and acting on truth and evidence, people abdicate their responsibility and do whatever the State commands. This is compliance with tyranny and is the worst kind of conformism. 

11). Masks signal 'virtue' but are actually a vice. People only wear masks because they do not want to feel uncomfortable standing out. What would the neighbours think? This is cowardice and herd-mentality, not true moral action. If told to wear a plastic red nose, or cut themselves with flints, to prevent Covid, the common herd would comply without question!

12). Wearing a mask doubles-down on government lies. The State has said that vaccines were the 'way out': no masks would then be needed. Since the vaccines are failing badly, more vaccines are prepared, which also fail. So masks are kept on 'just in case'. Wearing a masks signals a pledge: 'I accept and approve of the government narrative': you are selling your soul to Satan. 

13). Masks stoke division and double-think. People wear masks but hate doing so: are they still 'loyalists'? Others do not wear masks but must lie about the reasons for not wearing them. People judge one another on the basis of 'compliance'. Instead of gestures, touch, voice, facial expression, and real honesty, they 'read' each other's eyes and masks. The unvaccinated are cast as evil antisocial people 'not doing their bit' (most also refuse to wear masks). In short, we have a tacit civil war on our hands, controlled only by governments manipulating coercive control measures, with the 'compliant' as puppets on strings. Truth and reality are sacrificed for dictat and manipulation. 

So many people wear masks that I do not want to call them all 'monkeys': my septuagenarian parents still sometimes wear masks. Nevertheless, those who wear them without reflection are indeed like thoughtless apes. The Covidian Overreach is a government-perpetuated pseudo-emergency proceeding with disproportionate and criminal means against the civilian population, in the name of a crusade against a flu-like virus. By means of masks, sanitisers, QR codes, passports, fines, social distancing, lockdowns, mass propaganda, censorship, emergency powers, camps, coerive or compulsory vaccines, dismissals from jobs, travel bans, and the rest, the State is encroaching and cancelling human rights on the biggest scale in history. And what are you going to do to stand up for human rights? Wear your mask? The mask is there to 'make you feel better' (because you are in FEAR) when it is actually lobotomizing you, along with all the other insane conjuring tricks of modern propaganda. 

Mask wearers are being conned by the State to no purpose but their enslavement. The masks are useless against the virus: so why are they enjoined? Because they physically suppress the voice and brain of the people: they enforce compliance and prevent open discussion. As long as someone wears a physical obstacle on their face to remind them of the 'reasons' for vaccines and 'the virus', they are prevented from switching on their brains and working out the truth. The truth is that Covid is a flu at worst and just a scam at best. As I use public transport in London, I wear no mask, and see more and more people donning theirs just because the government said so. They cannot and probably never did think or act consequentially. It seems only a few can see through the propaganda and insanity we're being subjected to. The rest are content to be obedient conformists during this vicious power-grab by the governments. Our freedoms may never come back, and people may still be wearing masks in 5, 10, 20 years time. Assuredly then, when reminded that 20 years have passed since masks were introduced, they will not believe it, and will claim that masks were always natural and normal. By then it will have been too late. 

Wake up, People!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

But you said History had ended!

Christ the Pantocrator and the Last Judgment, 1300. Mosaic in the baptistry of San Giovanni, Florence, Itary.

Fukuyama believed that after the Fall of Communism, Liberal Democracy had won. It had no further rivals, and would expand to fill the earth as the final political system. Freedom would reign!

However, what has actually occurred since the early 1990s? 

For one thing, liberal democracy was NEVER a pure and holy political form, nor did it contain flawless assumptions and principles. For instance, liberal democracy legalised and promoted abortion, euthanasia, and various sorts of immorality in the name of 'diversity and choice'. 

A true, Catholic, political form, in contrast, contains the essential core of freedom and justice (without compromise) as well as knowing when 'new developments' are right or wrong: whether they ought to be promoted, ignored, dialogued with, banned, or forbidden. 

And so, Liberal Democracy is now engaged in the Biggest Lie Ever Told: the Covidian Overreach. In the name of 'health' (security at all costs), people are being controlled as never since the Communist Era: with propaganda, censorship, passports, lockdowns, travel restrictions, vaccines, masks, fines, police actions, and even camps (for the Aborigines in a part of Australia), etc. This is worse than Communism in fact, because tyranny is enforced in the name of truth and freedom, and it is brought in by the new technology of Internet and the digital realm, which cannot be easily avoided in the modern world. While Communism was a tyranny for sure, its low-tech nature made in a 'personal' tyranny: the Covidian Overreach is an 'impersonal' tyranny. So now, 'all seems normal' on the surface; in reality the majority are living a lie, and living in falsehood, brainwashed and loving it!

In this way, Liberal Democracy, full of itself as the 'absolute truth' has degenerated from victor over Communism to Communism's best partner, even its natural successor. People believed that they could be 'free' by sanctioning all manner of lies and perversities, financial crookery, social injustice, and absolute control over a flu-like virus (there was never, it was believed, any 'bad consequence' of sin and untruth). In reality, they have become modern-day fascio-communists, bound to groin, wallet, phone, mask, and vaccine. 

Liberal Democracy has become another tyranny, synthesizing Left, Right, and Technology, with Capitalism. It is now the worst of all possible worlds!

The reality is that Liberal Democracy has badly failed over decades, for a number of reasons. First, its ideals and principles have been severely eroded or forgotten. By pushing 'diversity' it is beholden to 'special cases' and can no longer purge the heretics who need purging, nor credibly uphold order and justice in appropriate ways. Second, voting has become a ritualised activity, divorced from actual accountability by politicians. They are never held to account by the people, and routinely lie, enrich themselves, and lack any notion of the ordinary person's concerns. Thirdly, it is manipulated and overridden by Capital and the massive corporations, who fleece the flock, but simultaneously keep down wages and sow the cancers of special interests. The UK owns no industries, and is reliant on China and other nations, thus being outplayed on the global stage; whereas ideology and rhetoric are instrumentalized cynically at home. 

It must also be pointed out that Russia and China have succeeded where the 'West' has failed. They have stuck to their guns, and exploited the weaknesses of the degenerate 'West'. While democracy is an important ideal, it is not the only thing necessary for a sound national life. Whether a country has a monarchy, republic, oligarchy, or anarchy, is ultimately irrelevant, if it upholds freedom and justice correctly and impartially. Yet freedom and justice without God are politicized and corrupted. Man-made order is flawed, and grace and providence cannot strengthen: the godless UK is a nation of nihilist shopkeepers. While Russia and China are tyrannies, these at least show that what the West wants most: money and power, are better obtained by blatantly undemocratic means. The West wants to prosper but is too afraid of truth, real plurality of opinion, nationalism, and the common man. So we have instead a sick, self-harming, national life, and a futile rag-bag of public figures, celebrities, and television, instead. What's so great about that? 

It was a grave mistake for 'the West' to believe its own myth. We have become degenerates and cowards, beholden to status, celebrity, wealth, selfish choice, and blind to virtue, goodness, merit, and God's love. History, it seems, never ended: only in the minds and hearts of a generation hoodwinked into thinking that they had the answer to the meaning of life. As the spiritual life teaches us: there is only struggle and repentance on this earth. Unless we accept this challenge, we will be destroyed by our own complacency. 

Liberal Democracy erroneously believes that 'it's all leading up to me (and my prejudices)': this is 'Whig History'. 

In reality, History is still continuing, its full meaning veiled to the godless. May Christ come and end it soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

So this is Democracy?

Governments in lockstep around the world forcing their people to take a vaccine (or three)? Then some more, then some more, then some more!

The absolute human right to refuse any medical intervention, including a vaccine, being negated everywhere?

Rights such as assembly, bodily autonomy, voting rights, travel, use of money, and freedom of expression being curtailed? Even for the vaxxed! 

Medical apartheid: the unvaxxed separated out and denied their human rights!

People losing their jobs everywhere due to government dictats and compulsory injections?

Morbid fear of a disease which is just a flu, with a 0.05-0.02% death rate?

Compulsion to take vaccines which do not stop transmission, infection, or deliver the freedoms promised? Then more compulsion to keep on taking them without limit? 

Conditional rights based on vaccine-slavery as governments require 'boosters' which are ineffective and wear off? Those who fall behind in taking them lose their rights and freedoms?

Incessant propaganda and coercion from creeping totalitarianism rooted in government tyranny, media censorship, and societal cowardice?

Total absence of consultation and democratic scrutiny? No opposition or forthright discussion between people of opposing views? 

Negation of individual freedoms and decision-making for measures untested and with severe side-effects and even deaths?

Have we gone mad? This is Europe and the World, in 2021!

No discussion, no scrutiny, no discretion, no voice for the peoples of this globe! 

Church, state, health services, all behind the fascio-communism of our times!

And they blame those outraged and abused for peaceful marches, to end this tyranny? Those coerced and oppressed now cast as psychopaths and lunatics?!

Can't you see we're being surrounded by Antichrists? This is terror, this is tyranny at its worst: people being coerced, forced, manipulated, by liars and fiends who lie through their teeth. There is no thinking going on, unless it is how to double-down on this oppression. 

Meanwhile, a mild virus that cannot be stopped, is mutating due to excessive use of dangerous experimental vaccines (just like antibiotics do). They are making it all worse, on purpose!

Meanwhile, the 100% of vaxxed people in Gibraltar or 90% in Israel, are still getting the disease! The Gibraltarians are locked down - despite caving in like craven sheep! The rise in cases (if at all real) is caused by the vaccines, by the compliance of the vaxxed, by evil governments!

Not only are they wrong, their vaccines make things worse!

You couldn't make up this absurd situation!

What of God? This is His punishment for our hubris and 'faith' in 'Science'. Scripture says: 

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (Isaiah 5:20)

But the faithful have nothing to fear: 

"In righteousness you will be established: Tyranny will be far from you; you will have nothing to fear. Terror will be far removed; it will not come near you." (Isaiah 54:14)

Stand firm in the truth. Things are kicking off now. Will you choose and cleave to truth and justice, or obey the Powers at any cost, even your own death and the enslavement of your nation and civilisation? 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Lunatics in the Pews: Admonition for the Captive Church

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." 
(Galatians 5:1)

"I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts." 
(Psalm 119-45)

The Catholic Church has been pervaded by the Covidian Cult. We are captive to alien laws and decrees at odds with faith and reason. 

In Westminster Cathedral today, the vast majority of people were sporting masks. This despite them being old and at least one man finding it hard to breathe. The Church in England and Wales can no longer pretend the masks are 'mandated' by the state, since on 19 July 2021, the government abolished 'compulsory' mask wearing and all social distancing. Instead, the Church has 'recommended' and 'asked' people to wear masks, even as it no longer expects social distancing (with tapes and other measures abolished as distancing tools in the churches). 

Where's the logic in this craze? What is going on here? Why is the Church clinging to a fictional disease? What benefit to the health and wellbeing of its members is served by pandering to lunacy, fear, and social conformism? 

We have become a 'Woke Church' fearful of our own beliefs and principles, afraid to preach the truth of Christ to the gentiles and ourselves, and paralysed by caution, political correctness, and lunacy. The people in the pews are being abused as much as any child by the paedophile priests. The Church is enforcing an inhuman ideology of Covidianism on its flock, linked to other wokery such as the Green Agenda. The so-called faithful in the pews really are insane: suffering for the risk of a non-threatening illness, obeying State and Pope on questions which must be delegated to the individual alone. This is soul-tyranny every bit as much as government-tyranny. We are in the grip of political and religious mania, which is not abating!

I say to you, dear mask-wearing believer: look at yourself in the mirror. Do you recognise sanity and wisdom, or just bitterness masked by brainless conformity to an inhuman ideology? Your vaccines have failed: you can still get the virus, and pass it on! Yet you risk side-effects of terrible proportions by entertaining yet another (booster) shot! Can't you see you are risking your sanity, freedom, and life, for a fiction? When will you say 'enough!' to all these crazy government decrees and psychological manipulations? Does your Church act with reason and faith, or has it degenerated into a cult of the expedient and cowardly? Take a risk! Take off that muzzle! Breathe freely, and abandon your simpering conformity to the Beast. For every day you mask, you also obey the evil within the assumptions and orders you bow down to: every day you wear that rag, you are perpetuating your own servitude! Use your remaining free-will and reject Satan, sin, and falsehood: tear off that muzzle which stops you speaking, hearing, and singing to God's glory.

Free yourself from this perverse generation! If you do not, you will perish and fall away from the truth of Christ, which is meant to set you free for reason and faith. Do not fear your neighbours' opinions, do not wish to 'please others' by donning the rag, do what is actually right: trust in God alone and live a free, responsible life, within God's law, and outside human tyranny. When they tell you to take a 5th, 17th, and 32nd vaccine, will you tamely comply? As tumours wrack your body, and a cocktail of substances reforms your innards, will you smile because you 'did the right thing'? No, you will not: it will be too late for that, as you 'transition' to a zombie or a coopted fool, with no brain of your own left, your bitterness will rise as your cowardice shoots through the roof: still you'll do nothing. Today is the day for freedom: trust in Christ, and take the necessary steps to live a free life. Nobody can stop death, and no rag or needle can prevent the Almighty from taking us to Himself: but watch yourself: will continued slavery set you truly free? Nothing but the freedom of Christ can do that!

And what about you, priest, religious, bishop? What have you been up to for the past two years, while your flock has been suffering depradations from the Enemy? Did you at least once encourage or teach from your privileged pulpit? Have you even considered the times and seasons we are passing through? Or have you reduced all the faith to bloodless fictions, cross-less indulgences, petty rituals, teas and biscuits? Where has been the truth on show and in the market place? Where were you in your vicarage, cell, or palace, while we suffered with no shepherds, no message, no encouragement and no leadership? Woe to you, negligent fools! You've reduced the Church to a kennel for the State: we are the dogs starving for your incompetence and cowardice, yapping on about Greenery and Wokery like idiots! You've failed to speak the truth, failed to preach salvation, and failed to support the weak with correct advice. So look in the mirror. Can you go on getting jabbed and pretending we're living a normal life, when you perpetuate fear with irrational masking rules and fail to question the tyranny that's gripping the flock? Repent, or perish!

Take off that mask! Trust in God alone! Let your God-given immune system do the rest!

"He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free" (Jesus, in Luke 4:18)