Tuesday, November 23, 2021

But you said History had ended!

Christ the Pantocrator and the Last Judgment, 1300. Mosaic in the baptistry of San Giovanni, Florence, Itary.

Fukuyama believed that after the Fall of Communism, Liberal Democracy had won. It had no further rivals, and would expand to fill the earth as the final political system. Freedom would reign!

However, what has actually occurred since the early 1990s? 

For one thing, liberal democracy was NEVER a pure and holy political form, nor did it contain flawless assumptions and principles. For instance, liberal democracy legalised and promoted abortion, euthanasia, and various sorts of immorality in the name of 'diversity and choice'. 

A true, Catholic, political form, in contrast, contains the essential core of freedom and justice (without compromise) as well as knowing when 'new developments' are right or wrong: whether they ought to be promoted, ignored, dialogued with, banned, or forbidden. 

And so, Liberal Democracy is now engaged in the Biggest Lie Ever Told: the Covidian Overreach. In the name of 'health' (security at all costs), people are being controlled as never since the Communist Era: with propaganda, censorship, passports, lockdowns, travel restrictions, vaccines, masks, fines, police actions, and even camps (for the Aborigines in a part of Australia), etc. This is worse than Communism in fact, because tyranny is enforced in the name of truth and freedom, and it is brought in by the new technology of Internet and the digital realm, which cannot be easily avoided in the modern world. While Communism was a tyranny for sure, its low-tech nature made in a 'personal' tyranny: the Covidian Overreach is an 'impersonal' tyranny. So now, 'all seems normal' on the surface; in reality the majority are living a lie, and living in falsehood, brainwashed and loving it!

In this way, Liberal Democracy, full of itself as the 'absolute truth' has degenerated from victor over Communism to Communism's best partner, even its natural successor. People believed that they could be 'free' by sanctioning all manner of lies and perversities, financial crookery, social injustice, and absolute control over a flu-like virus (there was never, it was believed, any 'bad consequence' of sin and untruth). In reality, they have become modern-day fascio-communists, bound to groin, wallet, phone, mask, and vaccine. 

Liberal Democracy has become another tyranny, synthesizing Left, Right, and Technology, with Capitalism. It is now the worst of all possible worlds!

The reality is that Liberal Democracy has badly failed over decades, for a number of reasons. First, its ideals and principles have been severely eroded or forgotten. By pushing 'diversity' it is beholden to 'special cases' and can no longer purge the heretics who need purging, nor credibly uphold order and justice in appropriate ways. Second, voting has become a ritualised activity, divorced from actual accountability by politicians. They are never held to account by the people, and routinely lie, enrich themselves, and lack any notion of the ordinary person's concerns. Thirdly, it is manipulated and overridden by Capital and the massive corporations, who fleece the flock, but simultaneously keep down wages and sow the cancers of special interests. The UK owns no industries, and is reliant on China and other nations, thus being outplayed on the global stage; whereas ideology and rhetoric are instrumentalized cynically at home. 

It must also be pointed out that Russia and China have succeeded where the 'West' has failed. They have stuck to their guns, and exploited the weaknesses of the degenerate 'West'. While democracy is an important ideal, it is not the only thing necessary for a sound national life. Whether a country has a monarchy, republic, oligarchy, or anarchy, is ultimately irrelevant, if it upholds freedom and justice correctly and impartially. Yet freedom and justice without God are politicized and corrupted. Man-made order is flawed, and grace and providence cannot strengthen: the godless UK is a nation of nihilist shopkeepers. While Russia and China are tyrannies, these at least show that what the West wants most: money and power, are better obtained by blatantly undemocratic means. The West wants to prosper but is too afraid of truth, real plurality of opinion, nationalism, and the common man. So we have instead a sick, self-harming, national life, and a futile rag-bag of public figures, celebrities, and television, instead. What's so great about that? 

It was a grave mistake for 'the West' to believe its own myth. We have become degenerates and cowards, beholden to status, celebrity, wealth, selfish choice, and blind to virtue, goodness, merit, and God's love. History, it seems, never ended: only in the minds and hearts of a generation hoodwinked into thinking that they had the answer to the meaning of life. As the spiritual life teaches us: there is only struggle and repentance on this earth. Unless we accept this challenge, we will be destroyed by our own complacency. 

Liberal Democracy erroneously believes that 'it's all leading up to me (and my prejudices)': this is 'Whig History'. 

In reality, History is still continuing, its full meaning veiled to the godless. May Christ come and end it soon!

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